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Only children of parents classed as critical workers will be allowed childcare.


Addendum to our Child Protection Policy due to the circumstances of COVID-19


Due to the current unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 virus it is necessary that all schools are prepared and have appropriate arrangements in place in relation to the management of any safeguarding or child protection concerns both on and off site during this time.  Therefore, we have produced this cover note/addendum to our existing school’s Child Protection Policy Template to ensure all staff, Governors and Parents understand our protocols for managing child protection concerns during this time.

Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputies

On Site: While our school site remains open for vulnerable children and children of key workers, the Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputy are still Mrs S Richards, Mrs M Robson and Mrs S Kitchen and continue to be our Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputy due to their level of training and skill.  However due to these unprecedented circumstances they may not physically be on our school site every day.  In this case one of the following named individuals will be physically on site each day and will liaise directly with the Designated Safeguarding Leads/Deputies if any incidents of a child protection nature occur.

Mrs J Whyte, Mrs C Gallant, Miss T Pearson, Mrs V Kelters, Ms G Wood, Ms C Stewart, Mr F Hopkinson

Should our school site be entirely closed then we will update our website and Child Protection Policy with our arrangements.


Arrangements for Contact with Vulnerable Children

Designated Safeguarding Leads/Deputies will continue to contact vulnerable children and their families in the following timescales if the school is closed or these children are not on site: children the subject of a Child Protection Plan (daily), children who have a Child in Need Plan (twice weekly), Looked After Children (twice weekly dependent on the child’s individual placement needs) or children with an Early Help Plan, where school staff are the key worker (weekly).  If there are any issues raised during this time regarding their care, safety or ability to be contacted then the Designated Safeguarding Lead/Deputy will follow their local safeguarding procedures and contact Together for Children immediately (as per our Child Protection Policy).

Availability and contact arrangements for families and professionals who wish to make contact with the Designated Safeguarding Leads/Deputies

During these unprecedented circumstances the Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputy will be available to be contacted by children, families and other services and agencies to ensure the safety and well-being of all our vulnerable children.  They can be contacted via the school telephone number in the first instance 0191 4170303 (messages to the telephone system will be checked daily by either Ms G.Wood, Ms C. Stewart, or Mr F.Hopkinson  - whoever is on rota each day) and whether they are on or off site they will gain contact with any family or professional as soon as possible. Alternatively emails can be sent to



Contact with the Designated Safeguarding Leads/Deputies should be within the hours of the school day 9am-3.30pm ONLY (This includes during the Easter Holidays).  Designated Safeguarding Leads/Deputies cannot be responsible for not receiving calls and messages outside of these times.  In the event that children or families need support immediately please contact Together for Children - Sunderland on 0191 5205560  (available 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday - Thursday, 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday); or the Out of Hours Team on 0191 520 5552 (also available 24 hours Saturday and Sunday)


Response to safeguarding or child protection concerns

As always our school’s duty of care is to keep children safe and while the arrangements of the physical care of children and physical presence of our Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputy may be different during this time, the school’s response remains the same and follows the guidelines as set out in our school’s Child Protection Policy.

Issued 27th March 2020

Revised 28th March 2020 in light of