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Design and Technology


'Work together, Achieve More'

Through our curriculum, we provide accessible opportunities for all children to explore the skills and knowledge needed to be a designer.  Using creativity and imagination, pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs, wants and values.

A designer is a person who plans the form or structure of something before it is made, by preparing drawings or plans and reimagining the world and the products we use to make them better.


As a school we offer a structure and sequence of lessons to ensure all children have covered the skills required to meet the aims of the national curriculum. The intent is to ensure all students produce original, imaginative work.  At Holley Park Academy children are inspired through a broad range of practical lessons to create innovative designs which solve real and relevant problems within a variety of different contexts. All lessons follow our schools design process and guide the children from evaluating current products, to analysing their market and producing final designs.  Children are given opportunities to identify real and relevant problems, critically evaluate existing products and then take risks and innovate when designing and creating solutions to the problems. Opportunities are provided for children to evaluate individuals who have helped shape the design world, showing the real impact of design and technology on our current lifestyles and helping to inspire children to become the next generation of innovators.  Our curriculum also enables children to see the links between Science and Design and Technology and builds upon prior and current learning to achieve these outcomes.

Our curriculum is designed and sequenced around the four main pillars of Design and Technology.




Practical Knowledge

Know how to design a product that is purposeful, functional and appealing to a specific group.





Know how to cut, join and finish a range of increasingly complex materials, ranging from paper to wood.





Know how to investigate, evaluate and analyse a range of existing products and their own designs based on a specific design criteria.

In addition to this, children will know key individuals have helped to shape the world in which we live in.




Know how to apply their knowledge of specific materials to meet the criteria listed above in the design, make and evaluate stages.