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Equality Statement

Northern Lights Learning Trust

Equality Objectives


  1. To ensure all parents are well-informed and supported to be involved in pupils’ learning, overcoming any barriers or disadvantage
  2. To ensure our PSED curriculum teaches all pupils how to stay safe, including in relation to their local community context
  3. To ensure all pupils receive high quality education and those who require catch-up receive high-quality timely intervention
  4. To ensure all pupils are supported to attend school, overcoming any barriers or disadvantage
  5. To ensure all pupils’ voices are heard
  6. To ensure the wellbeing of all staff and pupils is held central to decision making
  7. To ensure all of our Church schools are equally open to children of all faiths and none and ensure pupils achieve fullness of life
  8. To ensure all staff recruitment is fair and in line with our equalities policy