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I have a question!

Holley Park Academy — if I have a question, who do I go to?

If you have a question, please ask it! We want to know what you’re not sure about. If you have a small question, for example about arrangements for something during the school day that your child has mentioned, please ask their teacher as soon as you can, face to face, or via email to the school office. If several people have a similar question, it will alert us and we can explain more to everyone:

If you don’t tell us what you want to know, we can’t help.


This checklist shows where to start. In some cases, the contact person will refer you to someone else (for example, the school office may refer you to a teacher or the Head depending on the nature of the query). Contact details are shown below the table.

Sometimes further support is required. If you need to escalate a query, see under ‘Escalation path’ below the table.

We have lots of written policies that set out how we approach aspects of school life, available from the Holley Park Academy website or the school office. For example, the Behaviour policy sets out our behaviour standards and what we do if they’re not met. There are many other policies – if you need to know our formal approach, the policies should be useful.



Who to go to first

Academic matters

For child specific issues, start with the pupil’s class teacher. For

issues not specific to one child – Key Stage leader, or the Head. See also ‘Escalation path – where else to take an issue’.

Access to the school

see Safeguarding page

Admissions to school/nursery

School office

Breakfast and After School Club (Extended Schools

childcare provision)

School office

Being a parent volunteer

volunteering in school – class teacher; volunteering for social events and fundraising – School office

Bright ideas about anything to do with the school

School office, Key Stage Leaders, Assistant Head teachers, Head teacher

Charity fundraising

By the school School Council

Cycling proficiency/Bikeability

School office, class teacher

Data about pupils’ performance

Class teacher, Key Stage leader or Head teacher

Donating money, books, expertise

or anything else to the school

School office who will pass you on to the relevant contact


To get emails from school including the newsletter,

contact the school office.

Emergency procedures including snow

School office, local radio stations, website, texting service


Governors – In writing to Chair of Governors

Free school meals

School office

All clubs

School office, website

Hiring the school facilities

School office

Holiday clubs



Pupil specific – class teacher

Lost property

Class teacher

Music lessons

School Office

Nursery Class

EYFS Leader, School office

Nursery provision

EYFS Leader, School office


Designated safeguarding Leads see Safeguarding

School Council

School office

School dinners / packed lunch

School office (including any concerns about individual pupils)

School newsletter and other school


School office, Website

Singing / choir

School office, website

Swimming lessons

School office, class teacher

Uniform and book bags

Little Gems


Contact details


School office

0191 4170303

The school office deals with everything to do with administering the school. If you have a question for a teacher, and can’t get to see them, please email or write to them c/o the school office. They may suggest making an appointment to meet facetoface.



The Governors can be contacted via the school office or via the Clerk to the Governors (who will forward it to the relevant Governor)

Please feel free to use our downloadable forms for comment, compliment or complaint.



Escalation path – where else to take an issue

A problem can be escalated if the initial contact (shown in the checklist) can’t help; if there is a conflict of interest with the initial contact; or if anyone involved feels that further help is required.


Class teacher then Key Stage leader then Asst Head then Chair of Governors School office then Head then Chair of Governors

We recognise that sometimes personality clashes happen. If you have an issue that needs resolving and you feel unable to approach the initial contact, you can ask the Governors for guidance. They may not be able to resolve the issue, and in fact are not allowed to take up most individual issues – but they should have experience or perspective that helps to identify the best way forward, and can certainly offer support.