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One Voice


One Voice has been established for 8 years now. The children’s ages range from our youngest Key Stage 2 children in Year 3 who are 7 to our Year 6 children aged 11.  We are an after school club running approximately 1 hour each week.   The children enjoy learning new songs along with music theory, terminology the skills needed to perform publicly as a choir.  Throughout the year  we enjoy performing at many local events  such as The Kite Festival and Herrington Park Festival amongst others.  One Voice choir are also regularly invited to perform at places such as Alnwick Castle and Gardens for the duchess of Northumberland,  Lady Jane Percy.  The children have sang for the Elderberries  group which brings much pleasure to the elderly residents of Alnwick  and the duchess herself. Sir John Hall is a great supporter of the Elderberries group and always complements the children’s voices and attitudes.

One voice have performed in support of Alzheimers Society and Dementia friends.

We have sang on many occasions  for the previous Mayor of Sunderland,  Barry Curran and his lovely wife.  We always have the pleasure of their company on our music evenings at school  and always sing their  favourite  requested songs. ( You might want to get your requests in now your Right Worshipfulness). 

 As recently as July 2018 we were  involved in the City of Sunderland’s Tall Ships festival.