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Religious Education

‘Work Together, Achieve More’

We aim to provide a curriculum that:
-develops knowledge and understanding of religion, religious beliefs and practices, tradition and culture
-promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
-prepares all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of the present and the future.
-to support our pupils to become courageous advocates for themselves and others.



Sunderland’s Agreed Syllabus for RE underpins the curriculum at Holley Park:

Our curriculum is structured to enable pupils to encounter diverse religious traditions alongside non-religious world views – which reflect the city in which we live. Specifically choosing faiths within our local community. Our curriculum covers prominent faiths such as Christianity and Islam.

Knowledge is developed through three core areas:

  • Substantive Knowledge (referred to explicitly as Making sense of beliefs):

Identifying and making sense of core religious and non-religious beliefs and concepts; understanding what these beliefs mean within their traditions; recognising how and why sources of authority (such as texts) are used, expressed and interpreted in different ways, and developing skill of interpretation.

  • Disciplinary Knowledge (referred to explicitly as Understanding the impact):

Examining how and why people put their beliefs into action in diverse ways, within their everyday lives, within their communities and in the wider world.

  • Disciplinary Knowledge- Personal (referred to explicitly as Making connections):

Evaluating, reflecting on and connecting the beliefs and practices studied; allowing pupils to challenge ideas studied, and the ideas studied to challenge pupils’ thinking; discerning possible connections between these and pupils’ own lives and ways of understanding the world.


 By building mutual respect, we accept others for their differences, believing that everyone is special and everyone has something to offer. Our inclusive and enriching curriculum, written for all children, provides pupils with meaningful and aspirational experiences as well as promoting personal growth for life-long learning. When the curriculum needs adapting, to suit the needs of individual children, appropriate modifications are made by the class teacher with support of the SENDCo and the Curriculum Subject Lead e.g. scaffolding support, the use of concrete apparatus. 

Reading in RE


I am not a label - Cerrie Burnell 

The Family Book - Todd Parr

My Mummy is a Firefighter - Kerrine Bryan and Jason Bryan

I Am Enough - Grace Byers

The Kindest Red - Ibtihaj Muhammad (sequel to Proudest Blue)

Proudest Blue - Ibtihaj Muhammad

The Invisible - Tom Percival

Hats of Faith - Medeia Cohan

Kindness Makes Us Strong - Sophie Beer

Change Starts with Us - Sophie Beer

Love Makes a Family - Sophie Beer


Should you wish to know more about the RE curriculum at Holley Park Academy, please contact the RE Subject Lead via the school office.